The Olympics are some of the most popular and most watched sporting games in the world. They only happen once every two years and alternate between winter and summer, but when the Olympics are on it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the sporting news they generate. Olympic Sport News aims to help you get a head start by offering you information on the history, practice, statistics, and future of the Olympics year round so you can research whenever you want instead of all at once when you're trying to get tickets to the games. Read on for more information on the Olympics.

The Olympic games date all the way back to 776 BC, when the Ancient Greeks gathered to watch their athletes compete in a series of contests ranging from chariot racing to discus. Today the Olympics are very different - the athletes are allowed to wear uniforms, for one thing - but the principle is the same: finding the best athletes. You can watch them compete in everything from downhill skiing to decathlon. What is a decathalon? We've got plenty of articles on the sports included in the Olympics, from ancient times up until the present day.

Wondering who some of the most famous Olympic athletes have been? We can help you there, too. From a virtual nobody who didn't even finish school winning ski jumping gold to bobsled teams from countries that don't even get snow, we've got all the most fun, most inspiring, most improbable stories of athletes that have gone from obscurity to fame in just the two weeks that it takes to run the Olympic games. You never know, maybe your name will be on our list someday! The dream of many young hockey players is to make it to the winter Olympics. Both boys and girls can benefit from the skills learned at the hockey schools as well as soccer pitches, basketball courts, baseball fields and more. To help that happen, read our articles on sport nutrition and training.

Since the Olympics is such a huge event, it's not without its problems. Each city that hosts the games faces its own unique challenges, including weather, protestors, work stoppages, and even terrorism. Explore the history of the Olympic games locations to see some of the biggest disasters and to learn more about one of the biggest concerns at the game: cheating! From fraudulent names on urine sample bottles doping allegations, we've learned all the tricks and we're willing to share them with you. Sit back and relax and do some reading and perhaps you will learn a new thing or two.

Though the Olympics is primarily about sports, it's also about camaraderie, about friendly national competition, about drumming up national spirit, and about making money for the host city. Our articles will show you how some of the savvier Olympics committees have turned ordinary working people to super sports fans with just a few fun trinkets and clothing items. You find all this information and much more on our site, including how the Olympics is organized, how athletes are chosen, news and updates about upcoming Olympic games and the rising star athletes you'll want to watch out for when they finally roll around.

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