In the United States the most popular sport to watch is Football. At the youth level baseball still holds some cache and there are many young boys and girls around the United States that love to take part in a game of baseball or sign up to play in competitive youth baseball leagues.

In Canada, no matter the age, hockey has been and always will be the most popular sport in the country and that's especially true when it comes to the Canadian loving province of Ontario. Some things never change and hockey being the national pastime in Canada and Ontario will be something that will never not be identifiable with Canadians or those that live in Ontario. All over the great white north Canadians take part in some form of hockey, be it organized youth leagues, professional minor league hockey, or boot hockey with friends.

One thing that you will come to learn about Canada and Ontario in regards to hockey is that a love for and passion of hockey is instilled in children at a very young age and that those sentiments carry over the older they get. Eventually it comes a point when children in Ontario and other parts of Canada start to play in more organized youth hockey leagues, which then grows into playing in Canadian or Ontario hockey tournaments.

It's a tradition for many parents in Canada and Ontario to watch their children play hockey in their local rinks and then comes the point in their young hockey playing career when they get to go away for hockey tournaments in other parts of Ontario, and in special circumstances, other parts of Canada.

Northwestern Ontario is one of the biggest hockey markets you'll come across in Ontario, and it's probably the most passionate one too, and the kids that play in hockey towns down in the northern part of Canada like Thunder Bay show you just how much hockey is ingrained in that particular city. During the hockey year in Ontario it's not out of the realm of possibility to see multiple hockey tournaments going on during any given weekend.

Hockey tournaments in Ontario are put on for children of all ages, like 7-year-olds, 9-year-olds, 11-year-olds, and for both boys and girls. Then there are the more established hockey tournaments featuring university and minor league hockey teams for those looking for a little more competitive hockey action.

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