It does not matter where you live or who you are, be it a hard working real estate agent or a dedicated nurse. The desire for outdoor activity is always there for many people. Anything from the excitement of hill sledding or the thrill of going up in a chair lift.

Some people would prefer to watch it all on TV; the Olympic Games being a prime example while others prefer to participate. You would quickly realize that there is much to learn from watching the Olympics; whether it is on TV or being there live.

The Olympic Games occur every two years with summer and winter games alternating. There is nothing more exciting to be able to watch some of those Olympic events from the comfort of your armchair on a cold winter's day. Or just think of being able to enjoy the summer Olympics while sipping a cool drink on your back deck.

Some people get their inspiration to engage in outdoor activities by watching the Olympics. Others use the Olympics as a means of learning more about people outside of their country. Still others use the Olympics to learn more about other countries, their customs and habits. There is nothing better for a hard working person, to be able to come home and rush out again to enjoy a few rounds of skating around a rink, thanks to having seen a skating event during the games.

So much goes into the planning of an Olympics gathering. So much to do on the part of the hosting country and even more pressure for the city involved. If you work in the area, you would be able to relate to the statements above.

So much hard work goes into all of this but the payoff at the end of it all is worth the while. Advertisers gain. Clothing manufacturers also win. Vendors selling Olympics memorabilia also gain and the hosting country is placed squarely in the spotlight.

For spectators, it is an absolute thrill to be able to be there in person. Close enough to try and reach out to the athletes! For the athletes themselves, a thrill of a lifetime.

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