Every two years we are fortunate to watch some of the best athletes the world has to offer competing in some of the world's top sports on the television screens in our homes. What we're talking about are the Summer and Winter Olympics. Each event occurs once every four years, in alternating two year breaks between them. In 2010 we were treated to some of the best Winter Olympics in a long time and in 2020 we'll be getting our Summer Olympics fix from Tokyo.

When it comes to the Winter Olympics, Canadians tend to focus on only one sport: hockey. Hockey is Canada's national pastime. They grow up watching it on TV, playing a game on the local pond or rink, and going to the local hockey team's arena to watch a game. Many Canadians out there eat, sleep, and breathe hockey.

It doesn't really matter to them that there are other great Winter Olympic sports to watch such as figure skating, bobsledding, and various types of skiing. If it's not hockey being played on their TV screen, then they're not watching. It's as simple as that. Canadians love hockey and aren't afraid to admit it. Just like Americans love NFL football, Australians love rugby and British people love soccer, or as they rightfully and pridefully call it, football.

Every country has a national sport that they're passionate about and for Canadians it's ice hockey. Ice hockey is the number one sport and Canadians look forward to watching some Winter Olympics ice hockey every four years. They get to see the best of the best play with each other and compete against some of the best hockey players in the world from other countries such as Russia, Switzerland and Germany. Kids dream while taking part in summer hockey camps of one day growing up to play in the NHL or for Canada at the Winter Olympics.

We would suggest that the next time the Winter Olympics are happening, you try to sample some of the other exciting Winter Olympic sports on TV that are being offered but we know our suggestion would fall on deaf ears. Instead we'll just wish you lots of joy and happiness as you watch Canada hopefully repeat as gold medal winners at the next Winter Olympic games!

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